About Us

Welcome at MONERI – The Capital Market Experts

slide_3[1]MONERI is an independent Malè Repibblic of Maldives based consultancy specializing in capital markets and exchange development.

MONERI also has a corporate finance practice focusing on increasing SMEs access to finance and crowdfunding. A variety of training services and self-study handbooks are provided by the MONERI Institute.

MONERI has acquired a wealth of experience from projects across four continents implemented on behalf of governments, supervisory authorities, exchanges, CSDs, multilateral development banks, financial institutions, and companies.

Its personnel, associates and consultants consist mainly of former employees of exchanges, supervisory authorities, investment banks, data vendors, and capital market institutions (e.g. CSDs, CCPs).

MONERI assists key players in host countries’ financial sectors to create appropriate organizational frameworks for the capital market in general and their operations in particular. The result: sustained economic growth.


Our Business Area

Capital Markets

Capital Markets

MONERI´s experience clearly demonstrate its focus on capital market and financial sector development. We assist clients in the set-up, regulation and supervision of market places for stocks, bonds, derivatives and commodities.

Corporate Finance

Corporate Finance

We are focussed on providing specialist advice on all aspects of corporate finance strategy including IPOs, capital raising, acquisitions, disposals and buy outs to growing and established businesses in the private sector.
Training Centre

Training Centre

We offer a wide range of capital markets courses as well as tailor-made trainings through the MONERI Institute. All courses, examinations and self-study materials are frequently updated and new products are being developed constantly.
Moneri VisionLab

Moneri VisionLab

The competitive edge of most state of the art companies lies in the ability to generate and exploit new knowledge and develop innovative solutions. The MONERI VisionLab™ serves as think tank to find new ways of measuring and enhancing capital markets and increasing access to financing by SMEs.


Our Clients

Our client base reflects the growing awareness that the policy framework for capital markets is central to overall location and economic strategy, particularly in transitional and developing countries.We have successfully implemented more than 50 projects in 42 countries for:

  • Governments
  • Exchanges
  • Central Securities Depositories
  • Central Counterparties
  • Financial Market Authorities
  • Central Banks
  • International Finance Institutions
  • Financial Intermediaries
  • Companies

International comparisons show that companies in countries with strong capital markets grow faster – and growth companies are crucial to the prospects of business locations.

Our Team

We are a team of dedicated professionals – Experienced, flexible, multicultural and solution focused. The team of MONERI consists of experienced capital markets, exchange, clearing house, investment banking, corporate finance, regulatory and supervision as well as training specialists.

Their varied backgrounds enable us to offer comprehensive multidisciplinary and multicultural services. When assembling teams we look for a mix of global and country know-how.

Through our network we are in the position to have access to a highly qualified pool of experts from capital market related institutions as well as industry groups.

This backstopping facility gives us the opportunity to gain additional expertise in the different fields through the engagement of specialized personnel out of the different associated institutions and organizations.

The combination of global expertise and familiarity with local conditions explains the success of our projects on the ground.

Our Track Record

Since 2015 MONERI is advising countries in transition, especially in Central and Eastern Europe, the CIS, Africa and Asia and we know therefore exactly how important it is to understand the specific needs of the clients and project stakeholders. Based on our numerous advisory projects we are aware of the needs of those countries and know that only tailor-made solutions, advisory services and trainings according to international standards and adapted to the development stage of the country can bring added value and progress.

MONERI has a long track record of successful projects where we have brought together multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary project teams to the complete satisfaction of our clients. Thanks to the many projects we have successfully implemented, we have an intimate knowledge of the workings of exchanges, governments, capital market institutions, financial intermediaries, funds, financial market authorities, banks and non-bank financial institutions.